Team RM

Roshni Mulchandani – Founder and Editor
Roshni was born and bought up in Hong Kong during the British rule but spent nearly every summer as a child in the city of Mumbai. For most of her adolescent years, she felt lost and unsure of what career path to choose. Her calling came to her much later than expected, but she is now happiest when she is lost in a world of words. Her areas of passion include politics, cricket, fashion and Bollywood. She believes that each day is a new opportunity to turn her life around and achieve a goal she sets every morning. She came up with concept of Roshni Magazine after meeting many amazing personalities who individually had unique stories to tell. With hopes that R.M. will continue to influence readers to make a difference in the world by taking inspiration from the many great personalities that have been featured and many more that will be in future editions. On a side note, a bag of chips, a soda and a good Hindi movie makes Roshni’s day complete or a good win by the men in blue—the Indian cricket team. Yes, she is a glory fan!
Dimple Motwani – Writer
To be honest, I never really knew what I wanted to be as I was growing up. I always had new ideas and perceptions of how my life would turn out every time I thought of a new profession, with two basic ideas in mind: happy…and rich. Money always seemed to be a key factor to me when I was a kid, but as I grew older and more mature, I realized that money wasn’t everything and the key to being happy is to be passionate about what you’re doing. Marrying some rich, Indian dude and living off his money could always be a backup plan, though. Dancing gives me the same thrill, so why writing? I guess an expression with words just seems more concrete. Roshni Magazine gave me the opportunity to take my first step into the world of writing for a purpose, if there ever was one.


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