About RM

Roshni Magazine works as a “Soap Box” to feature people of South Asian origin and their contribution to society, or otherwise. Unlike other “preachy” publications, Roshni Magazine chooses to interview a variety of personalities and bring readers their stories, views and ideas as they say it. Roshni only contains interviews- no gossip, no tabloidy banter and no tatter-tales. We cover celebrities, politicians, designers and other popular identities who individually have interesting ideas to tell. Roshni Magazine hopes to become a popular online site which attempts to give its readers different perspective, entertain and create an individual niche for itself.

Our name speaks for itself. Roshni, which means light, works as a spotlight to bring interesting people to the forefront and shedding some much needed “Roshni” on them.

Burning questions for a popular public figure?

Any particular person you believe should be featured?

Questions, comments, queries – bring it on!

Email us: roshni.magazine@gmail.com


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