“There is Nothing Wrong with Change, if it is in the Right Direction”

18 Nov

Welcome readers to the new Roshni Magazine! Hope you like the new feel and look of the webzine which will continue to stay true to our mission statement: provide light and inspiration to you—the reader. A change was needed and inevitable for the site; much like we need it in our lives. In fact, change in itself brings with it a new road in life for which we always need some light and guidance. Ironically, the two, “Change” and “Light” both go hand-in-hand. I think back to all the changes I have introduced into my own life, past and present, and immediately I think of the good it has bought me. Granted that I need more than just mere candle flicker to get me through that path which naturally was tough, I walked with my candle on my way to Changeville looking for the extra light at the end of the tunnel. Putting things in perspective, making the change from R.M.’s the old avatar to its brand new one was not only tedious and hard, but confusing. Ensuring we maintained what we promised from the first edition as well as changing from simple to contemporary. Our consensus: Change is good. We hope you all agree and find the site easy to maneuver.

For the month of November, we are back with a bang! As usual we have a varied range of personalities who are bound to inspire and provide you with immense insight into their successful lives.


Love and light,

Roshni M.


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